ANPA Carolinas

Membership Benefits

Why Join ANPA Carolinas Chapter?

We are the world’s largest and effective grouping of physicians of Nigerian heritage With over 700+ members across the United States, we offer unique experiences and opportunities for members to grow professionally while helping transform health outcomes for millions.

Whether you are an experienced physician, or a new resident, now is a great time to join ANPA. 


Medical Missions/Volunteerism

Our Medical Missions offer us the opportunity to provide free healthcare to the medically indigent, in rural parts of Nigeria, Africa, the Caribbean, and other needy regions of the world.


Improve Nigerian Healthcare

To seek collaborative research opportunities in the international medical community and contribute to improved health care in Nigeria, the Americas and worldwide.


Professional Development

To identify and stimulate interest in all matters affecting the health of Nigerians and provide the forum for debating evolving health issues in search for solutions.


Leadership Opportunities

We meet with African leaders and officials in charge of Health Care, such as the President of Nigeria, the Minister of Health and other senior government officials.


Practice Referrals

We publish a directory and maintain a database of Nigerian physicians in the US, Canada and the Caribbean with the specialty and location of their practices.


Family Engagement

We address current issues of healthcare in Africa including, but not limited to, HIV, women & children’s health, environmental health, and training of physicians

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