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ANPA Carolinas Annual Symposium brings together physicians of all practices – family practitioners, nephrologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, dentists and many others.
We hope that you will join us in support of our goals of raising funds for a healthier community and keeping our medical community up to date on the latest medical treatment information and innovative products and services.  With your help in 2019, we were able to provide care for 500 patients for a year at the HeartBright Cardiac Resource Center in Charlotte.  In addition, we collected 623 pounds of healthy food, 393 protein shakes and bars, and 921 rolls of toilet paper to help local people in need.  We also made a donation to ANPA Nigerian missions.                     
Sponsorships, exhibit space, and foursomes can be purchased using this form or by contacting the event coordinator. To sign-up as an attendee click here.

Event Committee

Dr. Seun Alli,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. Yele Aluko,   ANPA Carolinas
Nicole Bonesteel,   HeartBright Foundation
Dr. Tagbo Ekwonu,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. Micheal Etomi,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. Patrick Evivie,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. Darlington Hart,   ANPA Carolina
Dr. Phillip Igbinadolor,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. Obiageli Ogbata,   ANPA Carolinas
Dr. James Roberts,   HeartBright Foundation
Dr. Adamu Salisu,  ANPA Carolinas

Event Coordinator

Nicole Bonesteel,   HeartBright Foundation

    +1 704 373-3002